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Brandon Collins

Master Distiller

Our Team

Welcome to Continuum Distilling, where the alchemy of transforming beer into whiskey isn't just a process; it's a passion that harks back to the very essence of whiskey-making. At the heart of Continuum is our founder, Brandon, whose journey into the world of distillation began in the lush landscapes of Tennessee, just a stone's throw from the hallowed grounds of the George Dickel and Jack Daniel’s distilleries. It was here, amidst the rich scents of fermenting mash and aging spirits, that a lifelong fascination was born.


Brandon's path from a curious child immersed in the world of whiskey distilleries to the visionary behind Continuum Distilling is as unique as the spirits we craft. His time tending bar at a whiskey haven in college not only deepened his appreciation for the myriad styles of whiskeys from across the globe but also set the stage for a remarkable fusion of science and artistry. With a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and a 13-year tenure as a Protein Crystallographer in the pharmaceutical industry, Brandon's scientific expertise is matched only by his dedication to the art of distillation.


The epiphany came during his tenure at Black Hog Brewing Co., where Brandon's innovative spirit saw him recapture and repurpose materials from the brewing process that would otherwise go unused. This sustainable approach not only echoes the traditional roots of whiskey-making, where all whiskey begins its life as beer, but also introduces a modern twist by offering a second life to these components, transforming them into exceptional and unique spirits.


Continuum Distilling stands as a testament to Brandon's journey, embodying his commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community. His dedication extends beyond the distillery to his family, his passion for fishing, his efforts to protect Connecticut's waterways, and a penchant for DIY that knows no bounds.


We invite you to explore the unique flavors and stories that each bottle of Continuum Distilling holds within. Come meet Brandon and take a tour of our distillery to witness firsthand the magic of turning beer into whiskey—a process that celebrates the continuum of distillation, from its historical roots to its contemporary reimagining. Join us in our commitment to craft, community, and conservation, one sip at a time.

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