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The Continuum Process

Usually, distiller's beer is comprised of only the most basic grains with the purpose of extracting the most sugar possible to obtain an optimal efficient conversion into alcohol.  We discovered that there are multiple steps in the brewing process where ingredients, such as sugars, fermented out beer with yeast in suspension, and flavorful solids can all be recouped and repurposed for distilling.  It would be extremely expensive to attempt to recreate these flavors as beers and distill them for a spirit, but when these delicious compounds can be utilized using disposed waste or “trimmings" from the brew process...that is when sustainability and innovation marry to make something exceptional!

All whiskey starts as beer.

Continuum strives to be resourceful in our process by minimizing our usage of raw materials, repurposing items/equipment for the distilling and aging process, and limiting our water consumption to produce truly unique and exceptional spirits with as little footprint as possible.

Brewery partners are key to our success. By leveraging existing infrastructure from our brewery partners, Continuum Distilling strives to make spirits using waste from beer production and limit our usage of water and new raw ingredients.

♻️ We harvest reclaimed beer, used hops and yeast in suspension as our foundation for our spirits.

♻️ We use reclaimed totes and barrels that once held olive oil, syrups or juices.

♻️ Our stills are made from repurposed steel drums.

♻️ Storm damaged or selectively harvested trees are used for making charcoal and staves.

♻️ When we use barrels for aging, they are always second use.

♻️ Stainless kegs are repurposed from the soda and beer industries for transferring and transporting.

Every step of our process is something significant in our mission to reuse and repurpose:
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